We host three students this year during Google’s Summer of Code. The midterm is over and they are fastly approaching the end of the program. We want to give you a quick update about their progress here.

Improving QEMU for OpenRISC

Dalmon Ian works on improving the QEMU support of OpenRISC. The main item was updating the OpenRISC instruction set, testing and benchmarking so far. Dalmon works on his Github repository here in case you want to peek into the progress and test his code. The remaining work includes testing a Linux boot, troubleshooting and preparing the upstream patches.

RISC-V support for Parallella

Elias Kouskoumvekakis works on porting the Rocket RISC-V core to the Parallella board. The best place to track his work is his Github repository, while his blog is a bit outdated. You can clone the repository and follow the instructions in the README to generate the design and boot Linux on the core.

Yosys Tools: Automatic schematic generation for web browsers

Rishabh Rawat designs and implements a schematic viewer for web browsers to be integrated with the Yosys tools. It takes the Yosys json description of a digital circuit to render it on the client side in the web browser. His work can be followed here and he will create documentation around it in the last part of GSoC.