The first full year of the FOSSi Foundation is over and looking back on 2016 we are proud about our achievements:

  • We have launched, our modern approach on a community portal for free and open source silicon.

  • We organized a well attended ORCONF in Bologna with many interesting talks from a variety of projects.

  • We got involved with the community, e.g., by giving talks at FOSDEM and FrOSCon, as the umbrella for FOSSi-related projects in Google Summer of Code and on many other occasions.

We are confident we successfully layed the groundwork for our plans for 2017. This year will be of scaling our resources and committee work. Our plans are:

  • Extending the feature set of You can find our roadmap here.

  • One of the most exciting upcoming features of is our continuous integration platform, that can be used to automatically execute simulations, synthesis and tests for the projects listed on

  • Our licensing committee is working on formulating recommendations for FOSSi licensing for the three dominant license types: permissive, weak copyleft and strong copyleft.

  • We will host another ORCONF this year and will soon announce it.

  • Of course the involvement with the community by meeting people at conferences, presenting our work and getting the word spread.

We are looking forward to this year and would like to hear your feedback on our plans. Please get involved!.

Finally, we are searching for sponsors to support our efforts. While the directors are volunteering, there is an increasing cost involved with running the projects. Please contact us at to discuss sponsorship and how our work also benefits your company.