Over the years orconf has grown to be the most prominent conference for open source silicon, and with presentations from some of the most interesting open source silicon projects lined up, this year does not seem to be an exception. Our audience can expect to learn about brand new projects as well as updates from long-running ones.

But of equal importance to the people on stage are the ones in the audience. This is the best chance of the year to discuss with and gain insights from some of the people who are working with open source silicon in different ways.

Speaking of insights, Andrew Back, who is now serving as a board member of FOSSi Foundation, has been working on capturing some of the voices of open source silicon in a series of interviews called Open Source Digital Design Insights. So far, two of these interview has been published, both recorded at orconf 2015. These interviews tells the stories of how RISC-V came to life and how CERN ended up being a driving force of open source silicon and hardware.

I recommend you to watch both interviews and then make sure to come to orconf this year to gain some insights for yourself from the many people and projects whose motivations and ideas are not yet written down or recorded.

Hope to see you all at orconf