The FOSSi Foundation announced Latch-Up (, earlier this year - its annual North American open source digital design conference in the mold of ORConf.

Latch-Up opens a new chapter for the FOSSi Foundation, with it being the first event in the spirit of ORConf held in North America. Latch-Up is a community-focused conference for open source semiconductor, digital design and embedded systems professionals and enthusiasts. Expect presentations on a wide range of topics; open source IP blocks and SoCs, open source simulators, compilers, synthesis and physical implementation tools for both FPGA and ASIC.

As Latch-Up draws near, we are pleased to announce further details of the event.


Latch-Up will be held in the 101 space of Revolution Hall over the weekend of May 4th and 5th. This looks like a great location and space for 2 days of engineering talks and networking.

Sponsorship announcement

We’re pleased to announce SiFive as Major Sponsors of the event. SiFive are unwavering in their support of the open source digital design community and it’s an honour for the first Latch-Up to receive their support.

Conference dinner

We’re extra pleased to announce that this year’s conference dinner following proceedings on Saturday will be sponsors by SiFive.


We’ve received an impressive set of presentation proposals thus far. See the list on the event site here.

Space on the schedule is becoming scarce, so if you intend to speak, please present your submission ASAP via this link.

Visiting Latch-Up

The event will be free of charge but attendees are required to register here. As with all events organized by FOSSi Foundation, participants are expected to follow the FOSSi Foundation code of conduct

We invite anyone who is involved in any aspect of open source digital design and embedded systems engineering to join us and choose between anything from a lightning talk up to a 30 minute presentation on a relevant topic.

Supporting Latch-Up

Latch-Up will be free of charge to attend but we aim to raise money to provide catering throughout the event, and possibly cover the cost of the conference dinner on the Saturday night. Events like Latch-Up are a great way to get your brand in front of a passionate audience of engineers. Please get in touch if you’d like to view our sponsorship packages and help make Latch-Up a success.

We also need folks on the ground to lend a hand - so if you have any expertise in helping to run or staff such events, your help would be greatly appreciated, so please do get in touch to let us know you’d like to help out.

When and where

The conference will be held during the weekend May 4-5 2019 in Portland, Oregon USA. Stay tuned for exact event running times, but expect them to be from 10AM on Saturday until the evening, and 10AM until 3 or 4PM on the Sunday.

All event information will be available at