Today the OpenHW Group was announced. This is yet another great step for Free and Open Source Silicon. With the rise of RISC-V we have seen some great momentum beyond the processor cores itself. We now see groups growing from and around the RISC-V ecosystem with big players involved. This strongly confirms our story and we look forward to the next months of continuous growth of the FOSSi community.

The OpenHW Group is backed for example by Alibaba, NXP, Thales and Silicon Labs, with a total of 13 sponsors. The goal is to create a set of industry-standard high-quality processor core IP blocks, named CORE-V. FOSSi Foundation is partnering with the OpenHW and we will support the OpenHW Group, especially about the involvement with the larger community.

“The OpenHW Group is committed to work together with the FOSSi Foundation to reach out and support individual contributors.”

Rick O’Connor, OpenHW Group

We are looking forward to working together with the OpenHW Group to sustainably grow the FOSSi ecosystem.