Since 2016 the FOSSi Foundation has participated every year in the Google Summer of Code, a Google-sponsored summer internship for students from all over the world. We are honored to be part of GSoC again this year. As in previous years, the FOSSi Foundation acts as an umbrella organization, supporting community members to mentor students in their respective FOSSi-related projects.

Today, the student applications closed, and we’ll hopefully soon be able to announce a list of students who will be working with their mentors and us during the summer.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot how to best support our students and mentors. The essentials of that are now summarized in the FOSSi Foundation GSoC house rules, available on our web site. We invite all our students and mentors to have a look at this document, and get back to us if there are open questions or ideas for improvement.

We are looking forward to many exciting projects this summer (or winter for our friends down under)!