The Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation is happy to announce today that Jonathan Balkind is joining the board of directors.

Jonathan has been a trusted member of the FOSSi community for many years, where he has shown great skill in solving challenging technical problems, as well as teaching hardware design, and communicating the benefits of doing so openly.

Jonathan is most well-known for his work on OpenPiton, an open source research processor which can be scaled up to multiple million cores.

Within the FOSSi Foundation, Jonathan is managing this year’s Google Summer of Code program, ensuring that many more students are introduced to Free and Open Source Silicon.

Jonathan is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As Philipp Wagner, Director of the FOSSi Foundation, puts it: “Jon’s a great guy. We’re honoured to have him on the board.”

The board of directors now consists of Julius Baxter, Jonathan Balkind, Philipp Wagner, Stefan Wallentowitz, and Andrew Back. Simon Cook is acting as secretary to the FOSSi Foundation.

About the FOSSi Foundation

The Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the mission to promote and assist free and open digital hardware designs and their related ecosystems. FOSSi Foundation operates as an open, inclusive, vendor-independent group.

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