As summer comes to an end, we have also completed this year’s iteration of Google Summer of Code (GSoC). We at FOSSi Foundation are delighted to say that all of our students this summer successfully completed their projects. For multiple years now, FOSSi Foundation has acted as an umbrella organization for GSoC projects and this year we were particularly excited to have eleven students receiving mentorship from our community. All projects were mentored by trusted community members, including seven first-time FOSSi GSoC mentors, and we are extremely happy with how well the projects went! We owe a big thank you to all students and mentors: Thanks to you, the free and open source silicon ecosystem is in a better place than before. Below is a collection of links to our students’ final project blog posts. Please have a read and join us in congratulating them on such a successful summer! We hope to see you all again for next year’s GSoC.

FuseSoC Integration of BaseJump STL (Adithya Sunil)

Mentored by Olof Kindgren, Dan Petrisko, and Michael Taylor

Adithya’s blog post

Parallelising Verilog RTL Simulations Using MPI (Guillem Lopez Paradis)

Mentored by Jonathan Balkind and Stefan Wallentowitz

Guillem’s blog post

Formal verification of mor1kx (Harshitha S)

Mentored by Stafford Horne and Stefan Wallentowitz

Harshitha’s blog post

Virtual FPGA Lab (Bala Dhinesh)

Mentored by Kunal Ghosh, Ákos Hadnagy, and Steve Hoover

Bala’s blog post

M-extension support for SERV (Zeeshan Rafique)

Mentored by Olof Kindgren and Stefan Wallentowitz

Zeeshan’s blog post

Block-Based Circuit Design (Ninad Jangle)

Mentored by Steve Hoover, Gayatri Mehta, and Adam Ratzman

Ninad’s blog post

Multi-Level TLB Support for Ariane Core (Nazerke Turtayeva)

Mentored by Nils Wistoff and Jonathan Balkind

Nazerke’s blog post

WARP-V manycore in the Cloud (Vineet Jain)

Mentored by Ákos Hadnagy, Steve Hoover, and Shivam Potdar

Vineet’s blog post

SkyParrot: Preparing BlackParrot for Open-Source Fabrication using Google-Skywater 130nm PDK (Lakshmi S)

Mentored by Dan Petrisko and Michael Taylor

Lakshmi’s blog post

Bring up CV32E40P AI accelerator on FPGA (Veronia Iskandar)

Mentored by Jeremy Bennett and William Jones

Veronia’s blog post

TensorCore Extension for Deep Learning (Nitin Mishra)

Mentored by Steve Hoover and Theodore Omtzigt

Nitin’s blog post